I recently joined the Ignition Studio team in April of 2021. The first social media campaign I had the pleasure of working on was for Donutland of Cedar Rapids, Iowa. This year, Donutland celebrated fifty years of rich donuts and history. Ignition Studio was brought on to help them craft a campaign that would communicate their gratitude for years past and excitement for the years to come.

Many ideas flowed at the onset of this project. The recurring theme was giving back to the community that has supported Donutland for half a century. We decided to choose a deserving nonprofit organization in the Cedar Rapids region to be the beneficiary of the campaign. Camp Courageous is a year-round recreational and respite care facility for individuals with special needs and their families. They serve thousands of Iowans each year which made for the perfect partnership to really make a difference in their community.

After a collaborative whiteboard session, we decided on “Courage and Cravings” for the name of the two-week campaign. The catchy name and logo combined the spirit of Camp Courageous and, of course, Donutland and its ‘craveable’ treats. The goal of the campaign became sending 50 local kids to camp in honor of their 50 years in business. Two weeks of fundraising promotions culminated on none other than National Donut Day.

Donutland’s brand is bright and bold. I really enjoyed creating a series of fun social media graphics to communicate the essence of their brand and the Courage & Cravings promotions. People quickly adopted the Courage & Craving’s mission and we saw a large amount of engagement on both Facebook and Instagram:


Total reach of posts (how many unique users were served a post): 52,884
Total post shares: 184
Engagement rate of the posts: 7.16%

The average food/beverage industry engagement rate is .05%


Total reach of posts: 9,261
Total number of post likes: 655
Engagement rate of the posts: 6.43%

The average food/beverage industry engagement rate is 1.06%

In the end, Donutland was able to send 25 kids to camp for a week. They say if you shoot for the moon, even if you miss, it will land you among the stars. This campaign reminds me of that saying. 25 Cedar Rapids families’ lives will be made easier thanks to Courage & Cravings. 25 kids will have the opportunity to create lasting memories and friendships that they may have not been able to do without this campaign.

Happy 50th anniversary Donutland! Thank you for choosing Ignition Studio to work on this project with you. As a recent college grad, this campaign was a huge experience builder for me, and I will not forget it!

Until next time,

Andie Bent